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Cheap & Easy Compost Bin November 11, 2008

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It seems like our compost pile always ends up getting spread out and hard to manage, and then given up on because it turns into a hard to manage eyesore. For several years, I’ve been saying we “should” get a bin or turner, but always ended up looking at fancy pre-made deals that were fairly expensive and still pretty ugly.

I’m sort of cheating right now by using an old Rubbermaid tote with a bunch of holes drilled in it as a mini worm bin. It works pretty good, and does look better, but is pretty small for the amount we really will be composting [we typically garden about 1/10 an acre, and are slowly adding fruit trees and other edible plants to the yard, and we have a big yard with trees all around, so there are lots of leaves and grass clippings, plus trimmings from the kitchen].

I’ve decided the best solution for this is going to be to build a 3-bin compost bin out of old shipping pallets. I found a good site with photos and directions for this here, and a plan for building the 3 bin type here, if anybody is interested.

The finished project should look something like this ,
but lined up 3 wide, like in this drawing .