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A Few Helpful Sites – To-Do Lists, Calendar, & Planting Guide February 4, 2009

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I thought I’d make a quick post and share a few of the sites that I use to manage my time:

BackPack is my homepage on the computer. I just use the free version, which doesn’t include the calendar, but works great for my to-do list [with checkboxes to mark theings off as I get them done], flylady routines, shopping list, etc. You can set up reminders to receive by email or text message, and can also use the site as a journal. It is designed mostly for business users, so the example sites are oriented to business applications, but you make and customize your own page and it works wonderfully to organize your home as well.

The next is Google Calendar. It’s a great way to keep your calendar accesible and eay to update anywhere you have a computer, and can also be accessed and managed from a mobile phone. I like it because it can be set public or private, or you can track multiple calendars [home, work, school, or one for each member of the family, for example] with some events shared and others not. This program also has a phone or email reminder system, and a way to send invitations and let guests RSVP and leave comments about an event right on your calendar page.


My last site is a bit more old-fashioned than the other two, but extremely useful this time of year. It is a customizable planting calendar/table from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Click on the link and type in your zip code, and it gives you a table of outdoor planting dates for early and late garden vegetables, with favorable moon dates included for those that plant “by the signs”. [My in laws plant by the moon signs. I’d never given it much credence, but their garden has always done better than mine has, so I may try it this year].


Cheap & Easy Compost Bin November 11, 2008

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It seems like our compost pile always ends up getting spread out and hard to manage, and then given up on because it turns into a hard to manage eyesore. For several years, I’ve been saying we “should” get a bin or turner, but always ended up looking at fancy pre-made deals that were fairly expensive and still pretty ugly.

I’m sort of cheating right now by using an old Rubbermaid tote with a bunch of holes drilled in it as a mini worm bin. It works pretty good, and does look better, but is pretty small for the amount we really will be composting [we typically garden about 1/10 an acre, and are slowly adding fruit trees and other edible plants to the yard, and we have a big yard with trees all around, so there are lots of leaves and grass clippings, plus trimmings from the kitchen].

I’ve decided the best solution for this is going to be to build a 3-bin compost bin out of old shipping pallets. I found a good site with photos and directions for this here, and a plan for building the 3 bin type here, if anybody is interested.

The finished project should look something like this ,
but lined up 3 wide, like in this drawing .