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The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~February 9th Edition~ February 9, 2009

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For Today…
Outside my window… the sun isn’t quite up yet, so the horizon has a pink glow to it.
I am thinking… about grabbing a blanket -it’s cold in here.
I am thankful for… a warm house with working heat & air.
From the kitchen… I made homemade pho [Vietnamese beef broth & rice noodle soup] last night, and had some over rice for breakfast.
I am wearing… a blue jean skirt & denim skirt.
I am creating… yet another blog design.
I am going… to go to my in-laws tomorrow to shampoo the carpet for them.
I am reading… The Man Who Created Paradise by Gene Logsdon
I am hoping… we can get financing for the homestead we looked at.
I am hearing… Hotel California by The Eagles
Around the house… it smells like ginger, peppers, and beef now.
One of my favorite things… is being able to sleep in on a cold morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week: visit the in-laws, post pics of the puppies we’re giving away to some local sites, order seeds, do the taxes if there’s time, take my father-in-law to see the house/land we’ve been looking at
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

A Jersey calf. Isn’t it just the cutest? These are the type of cows I’d like to have.

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