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Found the Perfect Home! February 7, 2009

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The hubby and I looked at a house and land on Wednesday that is only 5 miles from where we are living now. It will need some work [new tin roofing in a couple areas & possibly replacing part of the roof structure because of previous water damage], but it is exactly what we both want. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and I wish I had taken more pictures [these are from the real estate site], but we both fell in love with the place.

Now, all we have to do is figure out something on financing. The loan officer said she’d already had trouble financing it for someone else, because of the roof, but that may be a blessing because it will buy us some time while the hubby waits to hear back on some of the jobs he’s applied for.

The house itself is older, with low ceilings, but that will make it easier to heat. It has the old crystal doorknobs with holes for a skeleton key on the inside doors, which remind me of my great-aunts house. It also has an old door with stained glass details going out to the back porch, which is enclosed like a sunroom, and 3 tilt-in windows over the kitchen sink, to let in light and air. The main bedroom is pine paneled, and the bathroom is absolutely gorgeous, with a brick floor, pedestal sink, and clawfoot tub with modern fixtures.

I wish I’d thought to take some pictures of the land, but I’ll remember the camera if we end up going back [we may take my father-in-law to see it – he offered to help us with the down payment if it needs to be more, and to help us out as we get things set up]. It sits on 9.3 acres, with a large fenced pasture to the right, attached to a small barn with 3 stalls, 2 levels of storage, and a tack room. there is also a small pasture with a low fence in front of the barn that may be good for goats, and a rabbit hutch out front. There is a huge backyard with room for a very big garden and a small pond with a dock off to the right. In front of the house, there is a big garage with an enclose block room in the middle, a workshop with shelves and benches on the left [approx the size of a 1 car garage], and an open 1 car garage on the right. There is a chicken coop built on the back side of the garage, facing the house, and convenient to door nearest the kitchen.

There is also a hill up from the house, beside the driveway, and sort of across from the barn. It has a big blocked off area for a compost heap, 2 fire rings, 2 smaller woodsheds, and a 3-hole outhouse. It’d be a great place to invite people to cookout and camp during the months with good weather, or to set up a camper or small kit cabin as a sort of guest house. I also like that is on the very end of the road, with its own gate, so we won’t have to worry about a lot of traffic or people passing through and messing with things.

I am not sure how all of this will work out, but I know that if we are meant to live there, then we will find the means and they way to get it and to fix it up somehow. In the meantime all good thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, or whatever anyone can send our way are much appreciated. My husband has totally got his heart set on this house [to the point of saying he’d stay even if he gets the Charlotte job – a 70 mile drive], and I do too. I’m trying not to get too set on it until I hear something back, but I see so much potential in this property and in the things we could do there.


2 Responses to “Found the Perfect Home!”

  1. Emily Says:

    It looks great! Boy do I know about buying a house that needs some work! That bathroom is really charming. I love our low ceilings. It makes our home cozier, I think. Good luck!


  2. Raine Says:


    The bathroom is what really caught my attention, and then the doorknobs and kitchen windows sealed the deal when I got in the house.

    We’re going to see if my father in law will be able to go look at it with us on Tuesday. He’s offered to help us with the financing, if we need it, in exchange for some of the meat, milk, and produce once we get set up and start growing/raising things.

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