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The Simple Woman’s Daybook~January 26th Edition January 27, 2009

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For Today…
Outside my window… it is dark, but was pretty when I came home & could see the stars.
I am thinking… about how to make a move to another part of the state go smoothly.
I am thankful for… my husband & everything he does for me.
From the kitchen… the hubby just brought me popcorn. 🙂
I am wearing… my uniform from work, because I got home about half an hour ago and haven’t changed yet.
I am creating… a scarf to match the hat I knit.
I am going… to lay down pretty sooon & get some rest for tomorrow.
I am reading… “A Woman’s Place Is In the Kitchen”: The Evolution of Women Chefs
I am hoping… to go look at houses with my husband on Friday.
I am hearing… my husband trying to teach are cat to talk.
Around the house… I need to clean the living room & put up some laundry.
One of my favorite things… is my pink BlackBerry.
A few plans for the rest of the week: organize the closet & pick out close to donate, research & look at homes closer to the Charlotte metro, plan for a garden and order seeds in case we stay here for a while.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Wilson Creek – one of my favorite places to go in the mountains.

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2 Responses to “The Simple Woman’s Daybook~January 26th Edition”

  1. Domestically Inclined Says:

    A lovely day entry! Thanks for following!

  2. Scott Sebastian Says:

    Just stopped to say hi.

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