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Planning & Uncertainty January 26, 2009

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My husband has had 2 job interviews recently, both about an hour from the house, in different directions. He’ll probably have another interview in the Charlotte area next week. Either way is too far for him to drive, so he’s decided that we’ll move somewhere closer to where he works.

I did get my promotion, and a slight raise, on my job, so we’ve talked about buying a house about halfway between the two cities. This would mean about a 30-45 minute drive for both of us, but it’s not much further than our last commutes [I drive about 50 minutes, and his was around 30 minutes]. If I could transfer closer to Charlotte, then we may do that, because it would put my closer to the city and I may be able to do school there. I have no idea how I’d afford it, but there is a Johnson & Wales campus in Charlotte, which would look much better on a resume than a community college culinary degree. There’s also at least one internship offered in the general area.

Right now, we’re just waiting, and trying to plan ahead. I have found a few affordable homes in the area, some with a decent amount of land. Most will need some work, but they are houses and not trailers, so they will gain value over time as we are able to fix it up. Selling our current home may be a problem, because we are “upside down” on our mortgage, but I’m sure things will work out if they’re meant to be. I have thought it would be nice to live closer to a city, but still in a rural area, and this may give us a chance to see what it is like. I just didn’t plan on it having so many things on my plate in the process.


One Response to “Planning & Uncertainty”

  1. IRENE Says:

    New opportunities are a good thing. They keep us alert, and help us get out of our comfort zone. The thing to remember in ties of change is to actively seek God’s guidance and wisdom, and then procede with faith and decisiveness.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.

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