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The Simple Woman’s Daybook~January 26th Edition January 27, 2009

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For Today…
Outside my window… it is dark, but was pretty when I came home & could see the stars.
I am thinking… about how to make a move to another part of the state go smoothly.
I am thankful for… my husband & everything he does for me.
From the kitchen… the hubby just brought me popcorn. 🙂
I am wearing… my uniform from work, because I got home about half an hour ago and haven’t changed yet.
I am creating… a scarf to match the hat I knit.
I am going… to lay down pretty sooon & get some rest for tomorrow.
I am reading… “A Woman’s Place Is In the Kitchen”: The Evolution of Women Chefs
I am hoping… to go look at houses with my husband on Friday.
I am hearing… my husband trying to teach are cat to talk.
Around the house… I need to clean the living room & put up some laundry.
One of my favorite things… is my pink BlackBerry.
A few plans for the rest of the week: organize the closet & pick out close to donate, research & look at homes closer to the Charlotte metro, plan for a garden and order seeds in case we stay here for a while.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Wilson Creek – one of my favorite places to go in the mountains.

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Planning & Uncertainty January 26, 2009

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My husband has had 2 job interviews recently, both about an hour from the house, in different directions. He’ll probably have another interview in the Charlotte area next week. Either way is too far for him to drive, so he’s decided that we’ll move somewhere closer to where he works.

I did get my promotion, and a slight raise, on my job, so we’ve talked about buying a house about halfway between the two cities. This would mean about a 30-45 minute drive for both of us, but it’s not much further than our last commutes [I drive about 50 minutes, and his was around 30 minutes]. If I could transfer closer to Charlotte, then we may do that, because it would put my closer to the city and I may be able to do school there. I have no idea how I’d afford it, but there is a Johnson & Wales campus in Charlotte, which would look much better on a resume than a community college culinary degree. There’s also at least one internship offered in the general area.

Right now, we’re just waiting, and trying to plan ahead. I have found a few affordable homes in the area, some with a decent amount of land. Most will need some work, but they are houses and not trailers, so they will gain value over time as we are able to fix it up. Selling our current home may be a problem, because we are “upside down” on our mortgage, but I’m sure things will work out if they’re meant to be. I have thought it would be nice to live closer to a city, but still in a rural area, and this may give us a chance to see what it is like. I just didn’t plan on it having so many things on my plate in the process.


Changes January 21, 2009

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There have been a lot of changes in my life in the past few months, and I haven’t had much time to blog. I’d debated whether or not to keep updating, because I know that doing so would probably mean some changes in the content and overall tone of things.

I’ll try to keep things more honest, rather than holding back as I tend to do. I try to keep a positive attitude not not to make posts that will drag people down, but that means I tend to censor myself and not to write about emotional turmoil or issues that are bothering me. I don’t mean that I’m going to start blogging all bad moods and depressing news from here on out, just that I’m going to try to be more real and share both the highs and lows of life, and probably a few more personal opinions as well.

As far as the life changes, they’re mostly in the career field:
My husband lost his job at the beginning of November – they day after the election. He’d worked there one year and one month, after being laid off from his previous job of 13 years due to the plant shutting down. He works in the furniture industry, which has been in steady decline for years, and is looking for a new job, but not having a lot of luck.
Two weeks after he was laid off, the real estate office I was working at announced that they were closing their doors, with very little notice. I am keeping my license active as a referral agent for another office in our company, but am no longer actively engaged in the real estate business. I don’t know if I will try to go back into it when the economy picks back up or not – I liked parts of it, but am not sure how well I’d like it as a career.
I have re-discovered my passion for cooking, and my husband is encouraging me to go to culinary school. I realize it’s a little crazy for my to consider a career in that field [long hours, low pay, probably having to move, and at least several years before I could look for any sort of advancement], but I feel like I’d be happier cooking than I am at the prison or doing office work. I guess the only way I’ll know for sure is to do it.

As far as some of my other goals, I got pretty far off track on everything during all of the changes and turmoil this winter. I pulled my chest wall while running towards the end of August, took some time off to heal, and never got back on track with the exercise program. I gained the weight back, plus some, and let the house get pretty rough again too. I did get some nice kitchen things for Christmas, which inspired me to clean it pretty well, but the rest of the house is in need of serious work. Same for the finances – I had a budget and was starting to pay down the debts when Billy lost his job; now we’re just trying to make ends meet until he gets another one. I’m sure this is just one of those cycles in life, and I already feel like I’m getting back on track but, in many ways, I’m back to where I started.