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Baby Steppin’ Through The House September 12, 2008

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I’ll be updating with some pics tomorrow, when I get my digital camera back.

One of the key concepts over at FlyLady is doing things in “Baby Steps” instead of trying to tackle it all at once. Even though I’ll be spending several days during the next couple weeks in crisis cleaning mode, because my parents may be stopping by to visit while they’re in town, I can appreciate the logic behind building a habit one small step at a time. I’m trying to do what I can now in the mornings after work, before I have to go to sleep for my night shift job, and I’m surprised how much of a sense of accomplishment I’ve been getting from the smallest things. I still have a long way to go, but I finally feel like I’m making progress, and that it will be possible to not only get the house clean but to keep it that way, despite not having much time to spend on housework right now.

I managed to have dinner cooked both Wednesday and Thursday, and I have everything prepared for tonight’s dinner and work snacks as well. That may not sound like much, but the past couple years I’ve done good if I cooked once a month – the kitchen was usually too messy to use for preparing food, and the stovetop covered in clutter. It’s nice seeing my counters again. Even though I only have about 1/3 of it cleared right now, it is scrubbed and clean enough to eat off of. Of course, the real benefit was getting to spend time with my husband as we sat down to eat, rather than grabbing a snack and staying in separate rooms, each doing our own thing.

My other baby step is shining the sink each morning. That FlyLady is one smart, sneaky, woman. She must’ve known that to shine the sink I’d have to wash the dishes that were in it, and have to put away the dishes in the drain. Of course, after a day of this, I noticed the dish drainer needed cleaning, and the counter beneath it, and the miniblinds behind the sink over the kitchen window. This morning, I cleaned the counter to the other side, and all of the appliances that live there [the coffee pot, deep fryer, and electric grill]. I guess if clutter can spread from any spot I sit anything down and leave it, then cleanliness can spread from whatever I clean as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

The foundation for everything, for me, is having a routine already planned out getting dressed and putting on shoes before I start. Most mornings, I am tired from work when I come home, and I used to thrown on a nightgown and either veg out in front of the computer and kill time or go straight to bed. Either way, I got nothing done. Now, I know what needs doing, so I just follow the schedule until it’s done or it’s time for me to go to bed. Since I change right into my housework clothes, it gets me in the mindset for work, not slacking off. I always top this off with an apron and a scarf for my hair – it just seems to remind me that I’ve got work to do, and keep me in the right mindset to get things done, and I put some music on to keep my moving until it’s time to stop.

Do you have a “uniform” or a certain routine or thing that you do to let yourself know that it is time to do housework?


4 Responses to “Baby Steppin’ Through The House”

  1. renee Says:

    Nothing tells me I have better that I have house work to do than pictures of my mess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Tipper Says:

    You sound so optimistic-it’s contagious!! It really does help to take baby steps when organizing and cleaning out-and it does make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Love your blog!!

  3. Raine Carraway Says:

    That’s a need idea. I’d hate to post some of my pics right now [still afraid my mama will see them, lol], but it sounds like a good idea to keep things straight.

    Thanks. I try to stay optimistic, seems like it makes things go easier, and it’s contagious. Thanks for the compliment, ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Domestically Inclined Says:

    Oh I like the fly lady. I took a class with Emily Barnes years ago, and she had us start at the front door with 3 bags, 1 to give away, 1 to put away and 1 to throw away. Start at the front door closet and work your way int the house just 15 minutes a day.
    Nice new look on your blog!

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